Flight 1012 ~ Cyberwar – the sum of all fears!

October 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Last month’s confirmed security breach on one of Iran’s nuclear power stations had the hallmarks of  a Tom Clancy novel.  The security breach, confirmed by the Director of the Bushehr facility, on the nuclear reactor in question was a result of a computer virus aimed at undermining the Iranian efforts in realising their nuclear ambitions.  While we westerners have been strongly opposed to Iran’s ambitions, mostly out of fear that Iran will enrich the uranium nuclear fuel into weapons grade material, the conspiracy theorists and hollywood writers can now have a field day due to nature of such a story unfolding on the international stage.

Politically, this is an international hot potato!  I personally oppose all international sanctions imposed on Iran, and strongly believe they also have the right to whatever goals and ambitions they aspire to [not too dissimilar to our freedoms], yet the international community that continues to condemn Iranian people as a whole, not only creates suffering amongst the innocent, it also forces the delicate and also fragile futility where one side is pitted against the other… both internally to Iran and nation against nation.

Now, the situation through this latest espionage attack not only places vulnerable nations such as Iran in a stalemate, it also underlines that we western nations are terrible in diplomacy and most of all, democracy! My god.. what? We westerners are no good at what we preach?  The Persian empire has stood the test of time… I’m sure they have taught us a few things before, but what i’m more scared of is the video below…

I’ll let you make your own judgements on how we westerners treat the world!

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1671472&dest=-1]

via Blip.tv “1945-1998” by Isao Hashimoto (Japan, © 2003) video, by artist Isao Hashimoto, charts every nuclear detonation from the US’s tests in 1945 to the modern era.


Flight 914 ~ And the Winner is… Us!

September 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’d thought i’d follow up on the recent election and how we will hopefully fair in the next coming 12 months with regards to a few notable campaign and policy decisions that, in my opinion, secured the Labor minority government’s rule in the chook house in Canberra.

From my view, it was all too clear that the NBN was the make or break deal for which side would possibly win a majority government.  However, having said that, while the Labor’s current NBN roll out was the preferred option for many Australians, it did provide a compelling case against such a nation building exercise with a $43B price tag, the likes that no one has seen in Australian history.  Unfortunately for the Liberals, their scare tactics and poor policy choices and formulation of their version of the NBN clearly backfired.

While the National party had decimated the Labor in Queensland, the Coalition did bring the fight to the unscrupulous Labor heavy weights by shouting, in no uncertain terms, that the beheading of Rudd (A Maroon Queenslander) was not acceptable in this country.  The fallout meant that Labor managed to hang onto, and form, a minority government based on the preferences by Independent MPs Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor.

Although, Windsor’s remarks in his choices/reasons for supporting Labor and their NBN were very clear, Oakeshott remained silent on what tipped him over to the Labor camp.  I’m taking a stab in the dark here, I’d easily guess that the current NBN rollout by Labor swayed Oakeshott’s points decision, as such an ambitious plan by Labor had the greater merit in both the greater good for all Australians and the future of Australia as a whole.  More interestingly, maverick MP Bob Katter also praised the NBN and its progressive nature for the benefits it will provide all Australians, even though he eventually sided with the coalition.

As I’ve previously mentioned that I don’t care who wins the election, my first and foremost want and need is that we invest in infrastructure that delivers Australia and Australians services that aren’t governed by the sabre toothed and blood sucking vampire telcos who couldn’t care about anything more that bleeding us dry over data and telephony services.

This is a win for ALL Australians… Selfishly, I’m gong to get my zinger KFC super hot broadband, business will now be able to deliver content and services that were only a pipe dream, telcos will now have to compete for our business, and the value we gain is insurmountable in terms of how we will be at the forefront of the international competition and leadership in embracing the future of the digital lives we have come to know.

Flight ~ 907 The Power of Music!

September 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

via YouTube

Flight 831 ~ Google Saved Me Money $$$

August 31, 2010 § 5 Comments

I don’t really know if it was actually Google or my own initiative that saved me money, but nevertheless, i could have been outta pocket had I not done a quick search on our favourite search engine Google.

The story goes is that I’m currently in between jobs and I have a few days up my sleeve to get those darned odd jobs around the house fixed.  Firstly, our hydronic heater (which is beautiful by the way and i highly recommend to anyone thinking of investing) was starting not to function as well as it should.  There was air being trapped in most of the radiators which meant it needed to be serviced… well, rather than calling the heater repairmen i thought i’d do a quick search via Google and found the common problem where the radiators needed ‘bleeding’ for the air to escape.  Because I’ve never owned a hydronic heater before, I didn’t have a clue… but Google pointed me to a few searches and a youtube clip that showed me how to do the job myself.. DIY handyman with a simple screwdriver and teatowel fixed the problem.  Now upstairs is cosy and warm again! YAY!!!

via The Daily Apple

Secondly, after my success with the heater, I’ve fixed the really annoying and noisy windscreen ‘chatter’ where the wipers make a hell of a noise and do not operate smoothly.  Again, as before, a Google search directed me to both a forum and vimeo clip showing me how to remedy the problem.  Now that its raining again, boo, i tested my wipers and they are smooth as silk and no more frustrating and annoying noisy wipers crunching their way across the windscreen.. YAY x2 !!!

via Diydata

Third and lastly, while driving last night the flat tire indicator in my car came on telling me I had a flat tyre, or at least a slowly leaking tyre.  So, I duly checked the tyre pressures, as they seemed to be fine, pressurised my tires to the specifications blah blah, and stil it was telling me that there was a problem.. boo!  Now thinking I’ve got to take my car into get serviced just to remove the warning light, some handy tips from fellow drivers with the same problem told of their situation and how they remedied this particular problem… All good now!!  YAY x3… Thanks internet!

Now, I’ve got a broken key stuck in the back door… lets see how i can worm my way out of calling a locksmith and get some extra love and kisses from my GF for fixing this doosey!

Google here i come again to save me cash!  mwah!

EDIT: update… Success!! Broken key now no longer giving me the shits!  While I did follow some handy DIY guide, the lock was such a snug fit for the key that nothing worked… However, I cut down a chopstick into a nice shim that slid into the lock alongside the key.. then gently working it back out the key stuck out his head enough for my pliers to grab a hold and yank him out… mwahahaa…

Flight 823 ~ I Want my NBN… NOW!

August 23, 2010 § 3 Comments

All three independents will be among the first to have NBN services rolled out in their electorates.”  Hrmmm.. very interesting indeed! A political sweetener from ALP to gain the balance of power and form a minority government.

I really don’t care who wins the election, all i want is my NBN, and i want it NOW.  I’m guessing that this hot topic has, or just may be, the tipping point for the ALP to retain a minority government if the independent MPs decide to side with the only decent policy that will have a far reaching affect on Australia’s future.

Had the Coalition been clever enough to “thunk” out a well rounded and viable NBN policy, I’m sure that we Australians wouldn’t be in such a predicament.  Political idiocy and poor policy from both major parties should mean that we reelect a new government starting from scratch… That is, both major parties reelect their leaders, devise reasonable policy proposals that will hopefully allow us Australians to choose something better than the ordinary two major party twits that have graced our tv’s over the past 5 weeks.

arrgghhh… at least if the ALP do indeed form a minority government, the NBN will no longer be on hiatus, and the lovely Green party will certainly hold some form of balance of power to keep the bastards honest!

via The Age {online} Poll puts NBN, Telstra on hold.

Flight 819 ~ NBN & Co. Conroy or Smith?

August 19, 2010 § 1 Comment

It was a comical ‘debate’ on ABC’s Lateline where the showdown of who’s NBN is the cheapest, the fastest, and also who could manage the techno speak best.  Personally, I’m not a supporter of Senator Stephen Conroy due to his mishandling of the proposed internet filter, however, you have to take your hat off to him for his vision for Australia’s future in the fibre optic network being rolled out.

Unfortunately for our brethren looking MP Tony Smith, Senator Conroy came to the gunfight with his Desert Eagle .50 caliber nickel and gold plated twin pistols polished and aimed squarely between Tony Smith’s eyes.  While I’m no Conroy fan, he certainly knew how to stand his ground… Shooting from the hip, Conroy spoke in authority, used his practical skills as Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, and above all wisdom in knowing what the NBN would do and how it would deliver top notch broadband in Australia over the next 50 years.

Meanwhile, Smith tried, at best, to explain how the Liberal version of the NBN was the better option as opposed to the current Labor NBN.  For Smith, fumbling and tripping over himself to explain how he would allow competition to drive a range of technologies to provide superfast broadband to us Australians, just couldn’t match the firepower of Conroy’s twin Desert Eagles.  What could you expect when Tony Smith turns up to the gunfight with an ageing 1873 Colt Pacemaker!

The short of the matter is that the Liberal broadband plan cannot outgun the Labor artillery of the new NBN currently being rolled out.  The Liberals are relying on current and existing technologies and competition from the major players who are more likely to price gouge and provide a mix of competing technologies that will never make it to the level of what is proposed (and currently being rolled out) by the Labor plan.

I highly recommend you either read the transcript from Lateline or even better, watch the video…

—> ABC Lateline transcript

—> ABC Lateline video

Flight 816 ~ How Fast is Your Internet?

August 16, 2010 § 4 Comments

I for one have been extremely pleased with the Labor plan to roll out the National Broadband Network (NBN), however, now that the election is near, the NBN is or could be in real trouble if the current Labor government lose power.  Why?  Well, firstly it’s cost.. at $43 Billion dollars that is no small pocket change we are talking about, and the Liberals think they can do it at a measly $6B.  But that’s using a whole different infrastructure that the one already being rolled out.

I tested my current internet provider via Speedtest.net and according to the chart below, I am well under the ‘theoretical’ speeds of ADSL2+.  Actually, i’m well below ADSL1 (ADSL1 is old tech, however more solid and stable than ADSL2+) and, unfortunately, this is the real and actual world of broadband users in Australia.

Current arguments being thrown around by the naysayers (those in opposition to the NBN)  are that:

  1. Australians do not need broadband speeds up to 1Gb/s
  2. its way over priced.. we can do it cheaper with different tech (ie wireless)
  3. fibre to the home vs fibre to the node (see below)
  4. use current copper wire and cable infrastructure
  5. the creation of another NBN Co. monopoly like Telecom/Telstra back in the old days

Starting from the bottom upwards, the creation of the company NBN Co. who will be wholesaling broadband via the NBN is necessary as current competition in the marketplace from both Telstra and Optus isn’t driving both companies to replace old and existing copper and cable networks and deliver speeds past current ADSL2+ technology.

Liberal’s plans to deliver their $6B NBN using current copper and cable networks is also relying on wireless 3G technology.  But, using 3G and upgrading current cable networks still won’t be capable to deliver bandwidth required for our growing demand in communications, entertainment and media via the internet.  Also, 3G wireless will require many, many more new phone towers!  yuck!

Fibre to the Home vs Fibre to the Node… this is really a back-haul issue in the network being able to deliver bandwidth to customers.  It’s a matter of whether you want the broadband piped directly to your home vs broadband piped via the existing copper phone network from the local exchange (which is kind of the situation we have already with ADSL2+).  This option of fibre to the home is the reason why the NBN has a $43B price tag!

Do we really need broadband speeds of greater than current arrangements?  I say yes!  There is really no upper limit at the moment on how much content we as consumers thirst for each day via the internet.  Current copper wire (twisted pair) telephony networks are old, archaic and seriously in need of replacement if we Australians are serious about embracing our online future and the way we do business, communicate and entertain ourselves.  Having an optic fibre network (to the home) will be capable of delivering any type of content we want without the restrictions we face today.

EDIT: To further understand the benefits of the NBN fibre network vs existing copper and cable networks please read here about bandwidth (network capacity) which I believe is at the heart of solving the lower speeds, obsolete networks and the demand for content.

via Gizmodo Australia.

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